Best of Wheaton Award Winner - 2018 Innovative Business by The Chamber of Commerce.

108 East Wesley Street, Wheaton, Illinois
Silver Companions


Keeping Seniors Engaged, Interacting, and Independent by Providing Digital Connection to the World.

About Us

Silver Companions team

An Intellectual Stimulation & Technology Service for Seniors and Much More.

We work with our clients and their families by providing meaningful social and intellectual services by assisting in the prevention of the long term effects of social and digital isolation. We are in the technology fun, help, coaching, and training business for seniors. 

And our prices? Much lower than G-Squad to start as an example. We are very unique in what we do.

We help seniors get confident and communicating with computers, Smartphones, social media and gadgets with one-one-one instruction, assistance, and coaching at their pace.

A recent study from the AARP found that isolated seniors have a 59% greater risk of mental and physical decline than individuals who did not experience social isolation. (Please contact us for a free copy of the comprehensive study.)

Why us? 

  • Intellectual stimulation and conversation through computer help, support, pointers, and coaching for seniors. We're there to help and to get seniors communicating in the digital world via different formats of their choosing.  
  • Technology introductions such as coaching, and one-on-one training and integration of computer, smartphone, Amazon Echo, Facebook, Skype, I-Pad , Apple FaceTime, online ordering, etc for intellectual stimulation, digital awareness confidence building, and better communication and quality of life with friends, family, and loved ones at your skill level. 
  • Reduce levels of depression and enhancement on quality of life through in person one-on-one interaction. 
  • Exploitation prevention as an extra set of eyes and ears. We coach seniors on NOT to click on while surfing the internet to avoid viruses and creeps getting into their computer. 
  • With over twenty-five years of technology, public relations, and communications experience, we are in the people business.
  • A unique innovative business model and not a home health aide or skilled nurse. As dynamic technology coaches and friends, we work as the intellectual and social digital aspect of the broader "quality of life" solution for independent seniors.
  • We perform an in-person assessment with senior, their family members if wanted and offer the suggested solution path to help keep you active socially and digitally. 

We offer part-time intellectual  conversational entertainment outlets as part of the package at an independent stage of life. Our value is that we provide bright, skilled, outgoing, insured college educated computer concierges hired from vast backgrounds such as business, teaching, and social work to ensure deep lively conversations, entertainment and a fun learning environment.

We cater to independent seniors, 65 and over, within the western suburbs of Chicago including Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, Lombard, Oak Brook, Elmhurst, Hinsdale, Burr Ridge and the surrounding communities. 


As we are privately funded by you and your family, we provide the background checked, highest level, highly educated, and best priced staff and service that you deserve.

We are a local, family owned service you can lean on that reinforces the happiness, social interaction, and laughter we all should have to enrich our lives. 

Additionally as client of ours, you will find that our prices are remarkably fair, and the best part? You control your budget as far as how much time our concierges spend with you. Some weeks you may need us a couple of hours. Other weeks, perhaps a bit more. It’s all up to you.     

Since our custom services are tiered around each individual client, please call for an initial phone discussion with our friendly Silver Companions staff. 

We also welcome you to follow and interact with us via the contact us button below to our phone number, messenger us on our Facebook link, or our secure form for immediate assistance. 

Professional Affiliations

Illinois Continuity of Care of Care Association

Wheaton Chamber of Commerce

Hinsdale Chamber of Commerce

Case Management Society of America

Angie's List Certified

Angie's List certification entails the following:

  • Passing an annual criminal background check of the owner/ relevant manager.    

  • Maintaining an overall customer rating of A or B.