Frequently Asked Questions


What Are Your Hours?

Our hours are based on client needs. We offer client visits most days 9 A.M. to 5 P.M, and some evenings and weekends by appointment. 

How Are Your Prices Factored In?

Our prices? Well they are lower than the price of G-squad to start. Plus we offer a unique social flair that is unique and unmatched.

Here's why. There are many programs for seniors offering an array of services, at various costs. In order to provide truly engaging and stimulating conversation for our services requires trained background checked & personality tested individuals with a college education and a professional communications, empathetic, forward thinking, and computer & smartphone background to keep seniors engaged. 

Our concierges are articulate and excellent communicators. Silver Companions are more than simply friends, they enhance our client's lives by providing exceptional cognitive stimulation and communications support each visit. 

Experts agree that interaction and stimulation help seniors maintain greater independence, higher cognitive and memory function, stave off development of depression and (most importantly) enhance quality of life. The value our concierges bring to the lives of our clients is immeasurable.  

Why Don't You Provide any Clinical or Health Support Services?

We are not a home health or home services provider. While Silver Companions can be considered a senior service provider, the sole focus of our services is to create an intellectually rich environment for independent seniors with a social and technology flair; not to provide any form of clinical or other home care. 

Silver Companions serves as a piece of the broader "quality of life" puzzle to help seniors and their families. 

Since we are NOT a home health aide or a home services agency, we only provide conversation and technology services to high functioning independent elders. We DO NOT provide ADL's i.e the activities of daily living such as housekeeping, personal laundry, errands, etc.  

How do you Screen Your Concierges?

Our concierges are college educated, technology friendly,  insured, and have been thoroughly interviewed and personality tested/screened to offer the very best to our client base. They are also criminal background checked for the  safety of our clients.  

Are you a Franchise?

No. We are a privately held, locally owned family business. Our management team and staff work at a very personal level to ensure the best quality service we can provide to our clients.

How do I get started?

First step, call us to set up a friendly phone chat to see if we can help, and if we a good fit for you.

Second step, our staff will then set up a free in-person visit to meet for a full assessment and objectives that the senior wants to achieve.

Third step, lets get started at your pace.  

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AARP Study on Senior Isolation

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